Running and Other Outdoor Activities

Running and Other Outdoor Activities

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Best Kids Activities – Running and Other Outdoor Activities

Running and Other Outdoor Activities: Play time is the time that all kids looks forward too. All kids love to play, run, and have fun. It is vital that you let kids have the best fun that they could have. Let them run as much as they want; let them stay outdoors whenever possible, and just let them be.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities that you could let kids enjoy.


If your kids do not know how to ride a bicycle, take some time to teach them how to do so. Then eventually you can let them ride with friends. You can let them explore scenery within the neighborhood and let them create their own adventures with their friends.


This activity could happen all year round. You can schedule a hiking activity with your kids and the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. Give them the chance to experience nature. This activity could happen on weekends or during summer where hiking could be enjoyed to the fullest.


This activity is a bit old school; this has been played for ages. The game would require kids to have groups. The group size can vary, but each group should be composed of the same number of members. The players would decide which member of the group would become “it”, and then he starts chasing members of the other group to create a brand new “it” then vice versa. The group that has the largest number of tags wins the game. This activity involves running so it would be really fun.


Another old school game, but is really entertaining. The game is played by putting smaller marbles inside the circle and the players would take turns knocking out the marbles using a bigger marble.

Simon Says

This is a very simple game and it does not require any specific skill set. Someone should start the activity by saying Simon Says, and then he acts what he wants the rest to do. The rest of the players mimic the actions. If Simon happens to do the action without saying the request he is out. This activity encourages kids to be creative.

There are other fun games that you could have your kids to enjoy. Researchers have found out that kids who have enjoyed their childhood and have been allowed to play grow more confident and sociable than those who have not spent time outside.

The world, given how it had become and how technology have created a new definition of fun, kids should be encourage to spend more time outside and the ability to have their own adventures. Let them run, let them play, and help them develop.

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